Bottom Line Here: What Does A Coach Do?

What does a coach do?

The term coach is used a lot lately, so knowing what exactly a coach does can be confusing. A coach provides invaluable support for those who strongly desire change. Emerging leaders get caught up in the fast-paced environment and lose sight of their growth and vision. 

Coaching definition: ICF (the gold standard) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership. We all have goals we want to reach, challenges we’re striving to overcome and times when we feel stuck.”

Coaching has become a compass, helping you maintain momentum while creating the necessary space to explore and reflect on your trajectory. Helping you achieve both professional success and personal fulfillment in the journey. It’s the rapport developed between the coach and the client that really makes a difference.

Every coach has a different process and style; however, I’ll walk you through a typical coaching session. If you want to learn more about what to consider when hiring a coach, check out my article “Breakthrough The New Frenzy: What Is Coaching?”.

Setting the Foundation

How I set the foundations for our coaching relationship as your coach to build rapport.

One of the benefits of working together in a long-term coaching container is that we can set the foundation for our relationship. I like to do that in 3 ways:

  • Human Design Assessment: Human Design is a system that helps you understand your energy better and provides strategies to use it more effectively. It also builds self awareness.
  • Reiki and a Card Reading: I work with many empaths and energetically sensitive people. With this in mind, Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing method, removes energy blockers and cleanses your aura while building self-awareness of your chakras.
  • Discovery Session: The Discovery Session is meant to be fun and interactive for us to build rapport with a focus on designing our coaching relationship and learning about you. In particular, you’ll build self awareness by really going deep on the bigger picture for your life, understanding your values, life purpose, and connecting to the highest version of you.

These sessions give us an excellent foundation for our coaching relationship. Specifically by building our rapport, your self awareness and a good sense of where to focus our coaching sessions.

Coaching Sessions

Most coaching sessions will have a similar structure.

We’ll join Zoom, turn our videos on, have a glass of water beside us and settle in. Indeed, we’ll start with some quick chit-chat and hello’s. Although it’ll cut to a minimum, not because I don’t have to chat with you (I really, really do). I respect our time together and the coaching relationship and want you to get the most out of it, so we’ll jump right in.

(Re) Designing Our Alliance

Whether we’ve already designed our alliance or not, we start here. Before starting the coaching session, let me know what you need from me in the coaching session today. Although we might have a plan, plans change, and we’ll focus on what is more important and relevant for you.

There are also a few questions I generally always ask:

Questions I ask as a coach at the beginning of coaching sessions to build rapport and open communication.

  • Do I have permission to coach you today? Creates the invitation to open the coaching space and reminds you that you chose to be here.
  • Are you okay with us standing up or moving around the room today? We can change our energy and perspective by getting up and moving around. It adds some playfulness to the coaching process. We also need to be honest and aware of any physical limitations.
  • What topic do you want to focus on?

This is usually done quickly in the first few minutes.

The Actual Coaching

Most of the time is spent on the actual coaching, where I will use various coaching tools like active listening, mirroring and power questions. Overall, I intend to help you get clarity into the root of the topic and explore a path forward.

Self awareness continues to build throughout the coaching sessions.

Self confidence builds throughout the coaching process. Confidence is a cause of our skills, and when we aren’t confident, it’s because we observe this gap in our skillset, education, or experience. Self confidence builds with it by taking action and making small steps between the coaching sessions. Through the coaching process, we close that gap.

Action & Accountability

The last part of the coaching process, and the most important, is creating action and accountability. It’s about creating meaningful action. The accountability, with me or someone else, creates momentum and drive to do it. Someone else cares about it other than you.

At the start of a coaching session, we’ll check in around action and accountability. Creating a culture and relationship of accountability without judgment.

Pocket Coaching

During more prolonged coaching containers, I offer pocket coaching. Text access allows you to work through things between sessions.

  • How to ask for a pay raise
  • Feeling overwhelmed and needing some tools
  • Reviewing parts of your human design chart

It also gives us a chance to celebrate wins together!

  • Booking that meeting with your boss to discuss your salary and feel prepared for it
  • Saying yes to yourself and finally starting to put yourself first
  • Exploring your strategy in human design and feeling more in alignment

Coaching is a transformative experience, evoking you to explore different ranges in yourself. Pushing you to take action on things that bring you more success and fulfillment. It can take you to levels you didn’t even know were possible.

Are you ready to embark on a coaching journey? Take the first step towards self-discovery, growth, and accountability. Book a free sample coaching session with me today and unlock the path to a more empowered and fulfilled life.

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