This Is What Magic Yoga Props Really Do Best

Using yoga props
Yoga props make yoga more accessible because they allow you to tailor the poses to your body. They also help prevent injury by allowing you to meet yourself where you’re at in your practice and even give you an opportunity to practice poses that might not be an option otherwise.
It’s easy to feel less then when you first introduce props into your practice. But that’s a huge misunderstanding. Yoga is about respecting and listening to your body and there is nothing more respectful than using a prop to find more stability or length to safely experience a pose. And that’s really what yoga props do by adding additional support, length, stability or challenge to your practice.
Props can be used by all levels of yogis. For beginners, it might help you connect to the poses a bit easier as you are building your body awareness and building flexibility. Or for someone who has been practicing for years, it might help you experience poses differently, giving you more variety or help get you closer to one of your goal poses.

You don’t need to buy yoga props to benefit from them either. So if you’d rather see what household items might work instead, take a look at my blog on
Using things you have at home as yoga props.
Let’s go through some of the different yoga props here:
  • Straps
  • Blocks
  • Bolsters
  • Wheel
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Straps give you more length in poses so you can maintain the integrity of a posture without straining to grab your foot or force yourself into a pretzel. And they are also relatively inexpensive.
Way to use it:
  • in twists or forward folds
  • balancing postures
  • above the knees to activate inner thighs
  • around the triceps for more stability in pincha (forearm stand)


Blocks are an incredible tool in yoga and probably one of the most versatile props you can get. They generally come in  cork or styrofoam. I prefer cork because they have more weight but they are also a bit more expensive. Really though, that’s more personal preference. Both options will work. 
Ways to use it:
  • under the thighs in butterfly
  • under the hands in a vinyasa flow or to bring the floor closer to you in standing postures
  • add weight for strength training
  • under the low back for a supported bridge



A bolster is the perfect shape and firmness to feel supported and let you relax so it’s mainly used to provide extra support in restorative and yin postures.
Ways to use it, under the:
  • knees in savasana
  • spine for heart opening
  • chest for puppy pose or child’s pose
  • forehead in a forward fold

yoga props


Yoga Wheel

A yoga wheel can help stretch out your spine to counter bad posture from sitting all day. Or to decompress and build flexibility by rolling it up and down the spine. It can also be used to add fun flavour into your practice by using it to challenging your balance and other traditional poses.
yoga wheel
Sometimes you’re exerting so much effort trying to grab your feet, straighten the knee or bend your quad that the pose is just plain uncomfortable. Or when the floor feels so far away that you’re overextending. Or maybe you just want to relax but because there is so much space between you and the floor that seems impossible. Basically it’s impacting your ability to breathe and relax through the pose and fully experience the benefits. Not to mention you’re stressing out the body and more likely to get injured. This is why yoga props are so powerful. 

Where to buy your yoga props?

Love My Mat

Love My Mat is a mother-daughter company based in Hamilton, Ontario that produces beautiful yoga & meditation products that are lovingly handcrafted using reclaimed and forgotten fabrics. And they have so many different yoga props that you can buy single or in a package and they have some of the highest quality yoga props on the market that I’ve ever seen.

Pete’s Choice

Pete has affordable package deals where you can buy a yoga wheel, a strap and 2 cork blocks for $40 USD. They are really high quality and Pete is just a really awesome guy.

Other Amazon Options

What’s your experience with yoga props? Do you use them in your practice? Comment below.
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