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Life Coaching  Chronic Stress and Burnout Prevention  Human Design  Yoga  Reiki  Card Readings 
Energy Clearing  Confidence Building

You’ve “checked all the boxes”, leaving you thinking “is this really it?”

You’re exhausted, always worried about everyone else

You’re tired of happy being some future undefined state

You’re ready to take radical responsibility for how you show up now and in the future

You’re ready, willing and able to make changes in your life

This is YOUR time to find happiness and step into your authority as the leader in your life and work. If not now, when?

Coaching Packages

Package 1: Coaching Only
$1,400+ hst (or 3 Payments of $500 Monthly)
  • • 6 Sessions: 1 Discovery,
  • 4 Coaching and
  • 1 Celebration
  • • Email/Text Support
  • • 3-Months
Package 3: ALL IN
$4,000+ hst (or 6 Payments of $685 Monthly)
  • • 12 Sessions: 1 Discovery,
  • 10 Coaching and
  • 1 Celebration
  • • Email/Text Support
  • • Human Design Assessment
  • • 3 Reiki and A Card Reading Sessions & 3 Yoga Sessions
  • • 6-Months

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Business Services

Emerging Leaders   Career Development  Business Growth & Strategy Business Operations 
Financial Strategy  Fractional CFO / COO  Leadership & Wellness Workshops 
• Leadership Development

Changing How We Live and Work

Focusing on the whole company creates a win-win-win situation: businesses grow sustainably and profit, creating environments where employees are happy and effective; thus positively impacting the communities around them.

Leadership Coaching

Supporting emerging leader, people leaders and business owners looking to expand and step into their authority and authenticity as leaders.

Improve confidence

Increased self-awareness

Lead more effectively


Project-specific initiatives on operational effectiveness in getting sh*t done, leadership development programs and financial sustainability.

Fractional CFO/COO

Leadership & strategy

Organizational change


Value-packed, experiential workshops with reflection questions, breakout sessions, sharing opportunities, stats and other practical tools.

Emerging leaders

Burnout prevention