(this will continue to evolve as I learn, grow and continue to expand)

I believe in win-win-win-win.

A win for you.
A win for me.
And therefore a win for everyone around us and the World.

Things I care about:

Building relationships based on genuine connection.
Messy action versus perfection.
Real conversations over getting it right.
Small, consistent wins versus an all or nothing mentality.
Happy and free over chronically stressed and burned out.
Positive impact.

Leadership Coaching Manifesto

Everything you don’t have yet is outside of your comfort zone. So let’s get you out of your own way.

Focus on the whole person.

Create a brave space for exploration, learning and growth to happen together.

Be present and intuitive over being stuck to an agenda.

Use the body’s wisdom; move around and connect to the breath.

Be bold and recover fast. Let go of being right.

Never stop learning and growing.

Laugh, have fun and be extra silly.

We may not always need all of the time we’ve set.

Growing a Business and Leading Teams

People over technology, processes or profitability, always.

Cash is king.
You need cash to run your business.

Focus, focus & more focus.
Eliminate busywork and noise.

Know your numbers.

Stay on top of your record-keeping and corporate requirements
(ie. taxes, bank covenants or anything that can shut down your business)

You are running a business not a charity.
Even if you believe in serving and want to help, you have to value your services and your time.

Make data-driven decisions.

The least amount of admin / manual work possible.
No one wants to do that. This is why we have technology.

MVP philosophy; minimum valuable product.
What’s the least amount of work needed to get value when creating processes, data entry and decisions.

Centralize decision-making as much as possible.
Empower people to be a part of the process and the vision.