I’m Jenn.

I’m a yoga teacher and personal development coach based out of Nanticoke, Ontario, Canada (near Lake Erie). I am deeply passionate about living life whole-heartedly. To me this means feeling good on a wholistic level, living in alignment with our values and being radically present with the people in our life. Throughout my wellness journey, I have dealt with all sorts of issues like anxiety, overthinking, severe panic attacks, 3-day migraines and gut issues leading me to being gluten-free. The practices I teach have changed my life.

I’m also a Chartered Accountant with a career helping companies modernize and create a solid operational foundation. I left my full-time corporate role in early 2022 to pursue Move with Jenn and help my dad with his business.

I am also a lifelong learner and love to help people. I teach yoga; mindful movement, yin, restorative, meditation and yoga nidra. I also love to teach people about wellness, chakras, and creating a life they love.

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RYT500 Registered Yoga Teacher – Yoga Alliance (2022)

RYT550 Registered Certified Yoga Teacher – Canadian Yoga Alliance (2023)

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Outside of yoga, I love being active and being outside, walking or biking. I also love cheesy Christmas movies, reading and food. My amazing partner Dave is also a huge support being the behind-the-scenes man who has helped make all of this happen. So thank you Dave for everything you do.

Learn more in-depth about me and my business here.

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