A place where ambition coexists with well-being for sustainable, high-impact, positive change

Our Vision

We’re changing how people live and work, encouraging people to follow their hearts, live their dreams and lean into their uniqueness. In the workplace, businesses thrive financially while positively impacting society, creating an environment where employees are happy, successful and grow. In everyday life, people prioritize values, fostering genuine connections and personal growth without sacrificing well-being or ambition. We must shift from outdated notions of working excessively to working smarter, focusing on the whole person and the whole company.

Meet Jenn Bieri (She / Her)

Co-Active Trained Coach, CPA, CA, CSPO, RYT500, Reiki L2

Jenn coaches leaders to step into their authenticity and authority. She guides her clients as they expand in their lives and work. She supports her clients in exploring new paths that align with their values, purpose, and goals. She is committed to bringing about ongoing, high-impact, positive change with her clients.

She leverages her 10+ years of corporate experience in finance and business operations. She offers a perspective of strong business fundamentals, strategy and career growth while incorporating her coaching and wellness training to focus on sustainable growth.

What We Do

Supporting emerging leaders ready to change how they live and work in long-lasting ways by targeting the root cause. There are no bandaid solutions here.

Coaching Services

Coaching that focuses on you as a whole person. Your happiness doesn’t have to be some future undefined state. This is YOUR time to find happiness and step into your authority as the leader in your life and work. If not now, when?

Business Services

Focusing on the whole company creates a win-win-win situation: businesses grow sustainably and profit, creating environments where employees are happy and effective; thus positively impacting the communities around them.

What People Are Saying

Ready to change how you work and live?

If you’re ready to focus on your whole self, you’ve come to the right place. Step into your power as your unique leader, to rethink success and well-being and let go of outdated notions that no longer work. It’s time for a new way.